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Whittaker Business Assistance is proud to be spearheading the legal fight against Fraud

Whittaker Business Assistance only has one mission: to protect people from frauds and scams online worldwide, whatever it takes. We help victims of fraud online to recover what is rightfully theirs with our wealth recovery experts, scam money recovery professionals, and fund recovery specialists.

The company focuses on unregulated Forex and Binary Options Brokers and has already handled thousands of victims around the globe with a high turnover. In the first half of 2022 alone, we have recovered more than $100,000,000 funds and money from frauds.

Our team is composed of skilled experts and professionals with magnificent long-time experience. We help you avoid recovery scams, as we are legitimate field specialists with a great deal of knowledge and experience in dealing with the forex industry, banking internationally, and the law of cybercrime enforced on the internet.

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Our team of experts are trained to always put the interest of the client first. This has endeared us to many of our clients who trust us, you can also trust us too.

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Worldwide Campaign Against Online Trading Scammers

Time is a key in regards to whether or not we will successfully retrieve the client’s money. The work is done according to plans and on schedule.

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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

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