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Funds Recovery

We assist you in getting money back from scams you may have lost to phishing tactics online.

Intelligence Gathering

Profit from a plethora of information that we and our partners have amassed. We can assist you in checking the legitimacy of investment schemes.

Get Your Money Back

We're proud of our track record and promise to do all in our power to get your money back from online fraud.

Claims Assessment

Some of the top lawyers in the field conduct and complete our analysis of claims. We are committed to adopting tactics that provide results to get your money back to you.

Company Fraud Checker


Use this free Whittaker Business Assistance Limited tool to check brokerages for potential fraud score

Funds Recovery Services

Online Fund Recovery Services

Whittaker Business Assistance Limited was established to safeguard individuals with the help of experienced lawyers around the world. Our experts have extensive practical experience with cryptocurrency purchases and chargebacks.

With cutting-edge technology and skilled Blockchain Analysts with years of cryptocurrency expertise, we are prepared to locate your misappropriated virtual assets.

Investment Scam Recovery

Chargeback recovery services can help businesses lessen their effect by recovering lost revenue and averting future disputes, even though there is no foolproof method to completely prevent chargebacks. To give value to our clients and foster feelings of goodwill, confidence, and partnership, we are committed to and passionate about performance.

who we are

Welcome to Whittaker Business Assistance Limited

A forensic and investigative company was established to safeguard people with the help of experienced lawyers around the world. Our fund recovery experts have extensive practical experience with cryptocurrency transactions and chargebacks. They provide competent and effective assistance to their specialist when they present your case to the proper organizations. This increases the likelihood that our clients will be able to get their money back, and our team of fund recovery specialists is also trained to always put the client’s interest first. Our primary goal is to offer our clients a tested strategy for asset recovery. Financial forensic analysis is used by Whittaker Business Assistance to examine situations and to help with the processing of recovery claims.

Review – Once all relevant information has been gathered and documented, the claim is reviewed to determine the appropriate compensation that may be owed.

Recover Lost Funds

How We Use Strategy To Recover Lost Funds

We are a global forensic and investigative firm that was established to safeguard individuals and are here to assist anyone who has put their money into unregulated investments. The professionals on our team are taught to constantly prioritize the needs of the customer. Whittaker Business Assistance is a cash recovery company that offers services in the areas of refunds and cancellations, forex scams, and binary options scams, as well as other online frauds. They also assist customers with doing secure online fund transactions.





Binary Options
Forex Scam
Crypto Fraud
Stock Trading scam

The Steps We Take to Look for Missing or Lost Funds

We only accept situations that we are confident will provide a sizable recovery. Your time is as valuable to us as it is to you, thus we evaluate every case in an open and honest manner. If it is not possible, we will inform you of this. But we’ll start working right away if we believe there is a prospect for a full or partial recovery. Once you have helped us gather all the information we want, we will confront the bank’s or company’s owners. Last but not least, we return your money via a rapid and secure payment method.

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Our method of operation


Following your contact with us, we review your claim and determine whether recovery is likely. We pledge to let you know whether there is a chance of recovery.


After determining that we want to pursue the claim, we come up with a strategy that is specially designed to address your problems. Every claim is unique.


We follow through with our plan to get your recover your money online while making sure to keep you informed throughout. We put a lot of importance on transparency.

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